Contributions are made to the Tampa Jails and Institutions Committee to buy Big Books, along with contributions to Central Office in Tampa, and AA World Services Office in NY.


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2017 Speakers

Friday PM: Lisa L.

Saturday AM: Russ K.

Saturday PM: Mitch C.

Sunday AM: Came To Believe


2016 Speakers

Friday PM: Edwin T.

Saturday AM: Maureen D.

Saturday PM: Michael I.

Sunday AM: Came To Believe


2015 Speakers

Friday PM: Chris J.

Saturday AM: Monica A.

Saturday PM: Carolina T.

Sunday AM: Came To Believe


2014 Speakers

Friday PM: Georgia Jim aka Jailhouse Jim

Saturday AM: Danielle E.

Saturday PM: Virgil M.

Sunday AM: Came To Believe


2013 Speakers

Friday PM: Lindsey O. - Tampa, FL

Saturday AM: Karen R. - Tampa, FL

Saturday PM: Pat R.- Sarasota, FL

Sunday AM: Came To Believe


2012 Speakers

Friday PM: Ryan L. - Tampa, FL

Saturday AM: "Surfer" Dave - Tampa, FL

Saturday PM: Wayne B.- St. Pete, FL

Sunday AM: Came To Believe


2011 Speakers

Friday PM: John S.

Saturday AM: Roger S

Saturday PM: Judy G.

Sunday AM: Came To Believe



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Past Soberstock Speakers

Soberstock Speaker - Virgil M.

2014 - Tampa, FL. play now
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Soberstock Speaker - Karen R.

2013 - Tampa, FL. play now
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About Us

Soberstock is a 3 day event in Odessa, Florida in March every year. Odessa is actually a small town located northwest of Tampa. It is slightly remote, yet still within a 15 minute drive to Tampa. For your convenience. for more, click here

In addition to AA speakers, we also have live music from several bands on the west side of the camp. This area can hold 2000 people comfortably. The music will be all different styles from recovery-based music to classic rock, blues, metal, country, folk & more. If you are in a band, or know any AA bands that may be interested in performing at this event, click here