About Us

a little bit about us...

Soberstock is a 3 day event in Brooksville, Florida in March every year. Brooksville is located northwest of Tampa. It is slightly remote, yet still within a 45 minute drive to Tampa. There is currently a 14 member committee that is comprised of AA members that organizes this event. If you would like to help us, click here

The first 14 years of Soberstock were held at Camp Owen J. Brorein in Odessa, FL. Soberstock moved to a new location in 2022, after the pandemic cancelled the event for 2020 and 2021. Sand Hill Scout Reservation in Brooksville, FL offers more amenities including over 1300 acres of wilderness to explore.

We do NOT offer free admission to those who cannot afford to get in - we actually have to pay the Boy Scouts for every person that comes on to the property. And the food is paid for by the paying customers who purchased tickets.

Soberstock has speakers from A.A. during the weekend, and we also have "open" meetings throughout the weekend.

Now for the twist... in addition to AA speakers, we also have live music from several bands on Friday and Saturday. The ampetheatre can hold 2000 people comfortably. The music is always ver diverse from recovery-based music to classic rock, blues, metal, country, folk and more. If you are in a band, or know any AA bands that may be interested in performing at this event, click here .

SoberStock is open to all A.A.'s and their families/friends. However, in accordance with the 7th tradition, we do not accept outside contributions, so we ask that only AA members purchase tickets. You are welcome to bring children with you, however, we ask that you not bring them into the meetings unless you are able to keep them quiet as a courtesy to others. There is CATCH & RELEASE fishing (YOU WILL NEED A VALID FISHING LICENCE), soccer, volleyball, football and more, so there are plenty of things to do. We do not provide daycare. Sorry, NO PETS ALLOWED.

The campsites at SoberStock do NOT have electricity, so be sure to keep that in mind when coming to camp. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RUN EXTENTION CORDS OF ANY KIND FOR ANY REASON ON THE CAMPGROUNDS. Also, campfires cannot be simply started near your tents, however, you will be able to put your tents near the designated campfires. There are bathroom facilities for men & women and these facilities do have showers. Most of the campsite areas are relatively close to the bathroom facilities.


The food being served at Soberstock will be basic "Campground" style eats. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, etc. Sandwiches only on Friday and "Continental Breakfast" (Fruits, muffins etc.) on Saturday and Sunday morning. Be sure to see our Event Schedule for more details.

Keep checking back - we usually have the new web site and all info updated by September for the upcoming SoberStock - If you want to get reminded about SoberStock, please be sure to contact us and let us know you would like to be on our mailing list.