Band Submissions

Does you or your band want to perform at Soberstock?

The 12 steps to getting on the SoberStock Stage:

  1. At least one person in your band must be a member of A.A.
  2. This is a volunteer performance, so if there are members in your band that are not AA members, the AA member(s) in your band need to pay the non- AA members for the performance, even if it is $1.00. This sounds strange, but we like to keep with the AA traditions and not accept any outside contributions. (this always freaks out the non AA drummer who gets a buck for a gig!)
  3. This is not a match-making service for musicians (sorry). If you are looking for other sober musicians to network with - start asking people in your home group (or other groups) after meetings - you will be surprised how many of us are in the rooms of AA!
  4. This is for musicians who perform out regulary, please only submit your information if you are used to playing out - thanks.
  5. Unfortunately, we get TONS of submissions each year for this event, so it is impossible to let everyone play. WE WILL NOTIFY YOU IF YOU ARE SELECTED TO PERFORM -You only need to contact us once. We get a lot of submitals for this event. We may also ask of you to send us a sample CD of your music, so please have that prepared before submitting the form below.
  6. Musicians/Bands that are selected to perform at SoberStock will have the option to enter the grounds for FREE(Only for the day of your performance), but remember that this is a benefit for Big Books for Jails and institutions in the District 2 area and we will not be upset if you want to pay the admission!
  7. Since we pay for all people that walk onto the property & this is a fund raising event, it is necessary for all guests of the musicians to pay the entry fee. This includes roadies, wives, children, etc.
  8. We usually will have a small crew on hand to help you set up your equipment, so you will not need your usual road crew.
  9. Please be repectful of the time slot you are given, it is very difficult to organize a concert of this level. There are other bands that are before and after you. If your time slot is (for example) Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 3:15 pm, do not start "Freebird" at 3:14 p.m.
  10. By volunteering to perform, you are telling us you will be available for any time slot given to you.
  11. After you have been given a time slot (Usually this is given by February 5th) you agree to be at the band loading area(behind stage) 1 hour before your scheduled performance.
  12. Be nice to the sound company - this is your chance to practice AA principles in all your affairs.

What's the first name of the AA Founder believed to have written the majority of the big book?